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xingaonai Graphite ore beneficiation process

Graphite ore beneficiation process

[Process introduction]:Crystalline graphite is naturally floatable, so Xingaonai mainly uses flotation method to separate graphite ore. Flake graphite has good floatability, so flotation is mostly used for separation. For graphite ores with a variety of gangues, a combined gravity separation and flotation process can also be used.

[Application areas]:The graphite ore beneficiation process is mainly suitable for various graphite ores with different crystal forms and graphite ores accompanied by silicate minerals such as mica or pyrite.


Introduce Example Flow chart Equipment

Process introduction

Multi-stage grinding and multi-stage flotation

In order to protect the graphite flakes from damage, Xingaonai often adopts a multi-stage grinding and selection process. After repeated grinding and re-selection, the quality of the concentrate meets the requirements.

Combined Gravity and Flotation Process

For graphite ore accompanied by heavy minerals, Xingaonai's gravity separation and flotation combined process can be used for separation, that is, heavy minerals are separated by gravity separation first, and then the gravity separation tailings (light minerals) are treated by flotation.

Graphite ore beneficiation equipment

Generally, jaw crushers are used for coarse crushing of crystalline and amorphous graphite ores, and cone crushers or hammer crushers are used for medium and fine crushing; wet ball mills and grid-type ball mills are used for grinding; JJF and XCF are commonly used for graphite flotation. Type, XJB type flotation machine; hydrocyclone or belt filter is commonly used for graphite ore beneficiation and dehydration.

Flotation reagents

In the multi-stage flotation process, commonly used frothers are No. 2 oil, No. 4 oil, ether alcohol, butyl ether oil, etc.; collectors are kerosene, diesel, heavy oil, sulfonate esters, sulfate esters, phenols, and carboxylic acids. wait.

Production instance

The ore type of this graphite ore is mainly graphite granulite, followed by graphite schist. The beneficial mineral composition of the graphite ore is mainly medium flake crystalline graphite. After comprehensively analyzing the properties of the raw ore, Xingaonai added one sweep and one selection to the original graphite ore beneficiation process in order to ensure the quality of the concentrate. After nine-stage grinding of the raw ore, it went through one rough selection and one sweep. , nine selections.
Through the beneficiation experiment of this graphite ore, Xingaonai concluded that the ore has good selectivity, so it is technically feasible to choose single flotation and conventional multi-stage grinding and multi-stage beneficiation flotation process. The pharmaceutical system is simple and the mineral processing indicators are advanced and reliable. Finally, a graphite concentrate with a yield of 14.20%, a fixed carbon content of 92.30%, and a recovery rate of 87.91% was obtained, which created greater economic and social benefits for the company and was highly praised by the partners.

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