PE Series Jaw Crusher

PE Series Jaw Crusher

PE Series Jaw Crusher
Feeding Size
≤1200mm Feeding Size
Processing Capacity
90-1100t/h Processing Capacity


The PE series jaw crusher belongs to the thin jaw crusher,it is a more commonly used medium -crushed equipment in the mines,it can be applied to a variety of medium and fine -grained operations with hard ore and rocks,it has significant advantages such as simple structure and durability,it is widely used in metallurgy, mine, building materials and other industries.

Applicable materials:It is suitable for medium and fine crushing operations of various hard ores such as granite, river pebbles, basalt, iron ore, etc., whose compressive strength is not higher than 320MPa.

Scope of application:Widely used in medium and fine crushing operations of materials in mines, quarries, construction, metallurgy and other industries.

Internal Structure:It is mainly composed of components such as racks, eccentric shafts, large belt wheels, flywheels, side guards, elbow plates, elbow panels, gap screws, reset spring, fixed jaw plates and movable jaw plate panels.


Best selling machine model


1、High productivity and energy saving

Deepen the symmetrical "V" -shaped cavity, forming a large rush, suitable speed and flywheel inertia with large dumped elbow plates to effectively improve the processing capacity, and the single -machine energy saving 15%~ 30%.

2、Running smoothly

Flywheels, sheaves and counterweights have all passed strict technical parameter review, which can effectively reduce the overall vibration level of the equipment and improve the smooth operation of the equipment.

3、Environmentally friendly and durable

CAD assisted and fully combined with actual applications to ensure the efficient sports performance and higher crushing ratio of equipment; high -quality alloy forging eccentric axes, precision processing after heat treatment, with excellent strength and anti -fatigue performance.

4、Cost saving and easy to operate

The bottom beam and the side plate are supported by composite rubber cubes,there is no need for ground bolts to save the secondary grouting of the ground bolts to effectively reduce the overall investment.

5、Convenient and reliable

The wedge -shaped pads are not adjusted, fast and convenient; high -quality cast steel manufacture movable jaw plate, high -quality alloy forging eccentric shafts, plus four double columns of the same specifications to the heart roller bearings, stable and reliable.

6、Reasonable design

The overall bearing box structure to ensure that it is completely coordinated with the rack, effectively avoid the additional load of the bearing box, and extend the life of the bearings; the critical speed design, the speed increases by 10 %, the device load is reduced by 10 %; the bearing enchantment seal+the grease concentrated lubrication system is more neat and more neat.

When the jaw crusher works, themovable jaw plate perform periodic reciprocating movements on a fixed Hubei board, sometimes close and sometimes leave. When it is close, the materials are squeezed, split, impact and crushed between the two Hubei boards; When leaving, the broken materials were discharged from the discharge port by gravity.


Feeding port size(mm)

Feed size(mm)

Discharge size(mm)


Motor power(kw)



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