XHP Series Multi Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

XHP Series Multi Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

XHP Series Multi Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
Feeding Size
≤353mm Feeding Size
Processing Capacity
90-1200t/h Processing Capacity


The new generation of XHP series high-efficiency multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher launched by Xingaonai Group adopts advanced design concept. Compared with the traditional multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, its structure has been optimized, and its performance and crushing capacity have been significantly improved. It is a commonly used medium and fine crushing equipment in the secondary crushing link of the mine crushing production line, and can be used to crush various hard ores.

Applicable materials:XHP multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is suitable for fine crushing of various hard ores such as granite, river pebbles, iron ore, and non-ferrous metal ores.

Scope of application:XHP multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in the secondary crushing of materials in mining, chemical industry, roads and bridges, construction and other fields.

Internal Structure:Mainly by racks, eccentric sleeves, spherical bearing, moving cone, fixing cone, adjusting the sleeve, transmission shaft, hydraulic cylinder, etc.


Best selling machine model


1、Laminated crushing Good particle shape

The principle of lamination crushing is adopted to improve the crushing efficiency and reduce the wear of wearing parts. The content of fine particles is high, the particle size is uniform and cubic, and the gradation is more reasonable, which reduces the production cost of equipment and the entire system.

2、One machine with multiple functions and low cost

With multi-cavity configuration, it is only necessary to replace a small number of parts such as the corresponding cavity liner to switch between cavity types, realizing medium crushing and fine crushing in one machine; all parts of the equipment are protected by wear-resistant parts, which greatly reduces the Maintenance costs, extended service life, and reduced operating costs.

3、Full hydraulic control more intelligent

The structure is reasonable, the crushing principle and technical parameters are advanced, and the full hydraulic control is used. The equipment from the safety cleaning to the adjustment and locking are all hydraulically operated. The operation control is more intelligent and humanized, and the work is more stable and reliable.

4、Easy maintenance and easy maintenance

Adopt finite element analysis method to optimize the intensity of crusher structure,and all parts can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side,the movable cone and fixed cone are easy to disassemble and assemble,there is no need to disassemble the frame and fasten the bolts,it is more convenient to replace the lining daily.

Use layer pressure principle to operate,the motor rotates through the belt wheel drive, the transmission shaft and a pair of cone gears drive eccentric rotation, the broken cone axis is performed by the eccentric movement, which makes the crushing wall surface sometimes close and left to the surface of the acetraphy wall, so that the ore is constantly squeezed and crushed in the crushing cavity.

XHP Series Multi Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher WORKING PRINCIPLE
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