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xingaonai Hematite beneficiation process

Hematite beneficiation process

[Process introduction]:Stage grinding, stage separation, high separation efficiency; combined use of multiple processes, green and environmentally friendly; strong magnetic tailing-reverse flotation process to ensure concentrate grade.

[Application areas]:The hematite beneficiation process can be applied to hematite and impurities with uneven particle size and a large content of fine particles, including a small amount of magnetite, and gangue minerals containing quartz, kaolin and other ores with complex properties.


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Process introduction

Grinding in stages reduces subsequent work volume and costs

The first stage of grinding and classification uses a ball mill and a cyclone to form a closed-circuit grinding, which can ensure both classification efficiency and classification particle size; at the same time, some qualified concentrates can be sorted in advance. In addition, part of the low-grade tailings can be discarded through the high-gradient magnetic separator, which can not only reduce the amount of regrinding of medium ore, but also avoid over-grinding and reduce metal loss.

Using magnetic separation-flotation combined process, green and environmentally friendly

The magnetic separation operation timely separates qualified coarse-grained concentrates and tailings, which conforms to the principle of early harvest and early abandonment, and reduces the flotation operation volume and cost.

Strong magnetic tailing provides flotation conditions

The strong magnetic process can recover fine-grained iron minerals, which can play the dual roles of desliming and tailing, creating better conditions for flotation operations;

Reverse flotation process, less floatation and more suppression

The chemical system of the reverse flotation process is simple, which can significantly reduce the entry of organic matter such as flotation chemicals into the slurry and reduce its adverse impact on the flotation process.

Production instance

The iron minerals in this hematite are mainly magnetite and hematite. The iron minerals are unevenly distributed in thickness, and the gangue mineral is quartz. After comprehensively analyzing the properties of the raw ore, Xingaonai decided to adopt the stage grinding and gravity-magnetic-reverse flotation process. After one grinding, about 60% of the coarse-grained concentrate and tailings can be obtained, and then simple gravity separation can be used. technology, timely separation of qualified coarse-grained concentrates, throwing away coarse-grained tailings, and using strong magnetic-reverse flotation to throw away the fine-grained tailings.
This process has the dual characteristics of being economically reasonable and technically advanced. The final indicators are: the selected grade is 23.15%, the concentrate grade is 65.95%, and the tailings grade is 10.05%, which greatly improves the mineral processing technical indicators. At the same time, new mineral processing equipment and high-efficiency mineral processing chemicals have played a very good role, greatly promoting the progress of hematite mineral processing technology in the area, and have been highly praised by partners.
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