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xingaonai Potash feldspar ore dressing process

Potash feldspar ore dressing process

[Process introduction]:According to the different properties of feldspar ore, xingaonai can design different feldspar beneficiation process plans, including magnetic separation, flotation or combined beneficiation process, etc., so as to remove iron, quartz, mica and other impurity minerals, and obtain potassium and sodium containing Feldspar concentrate, aiming to obtain high-grade feldspar concentrate.

[Application areas]:Xingaonai feldspar beneficiation process is suitable for potassium feldspar, albite and nepheline syenite.


Introduce Example Flow chart Equipment

Process introduction

Crushing and screening stage

According to different block particle sizes of raw ore, xingaonai has formulated different crushing processes, from a simple one-stage crushing process to a three-stage crushing process. The block ore is coarsely crushed and then screened. The qualified ore in the crushing stage enters the grinding process. operation, the ore on the screen will be returned to fine crushing, ensuring the qualification of the particle size of the ore entering the next stage of operation.

Grinding and grading stage

The qualified products in the crushing stage enter the wet grid ball mill for grinding. The discharge from the ball mill enters the classification equipment for classification. The sand settled in the classification equipment returns to the ball mill for regrinding. The overflow of the classification equipment is the qualified product in the grinding stage.

Desliming stage

Send qualified grinding materials to the desliming bucket for desliming operations.

selection stage

Magnetic separation stage: The deslimed ore enters the two-stage magnetic separation operation of weak magnet + strong magnet to remove magnetic substances in the ore.
Flotation stage: In order to remove impurities such as iron, calcium and mica that may exist in the magnetic separation concentrate, separate excess quartz in the ore and improve the concentrate grade, the magnetic separation will The concentrate is flotated to remove impurities and purify. For impurity minerals, Xinhai usually uses well-selective collectors to obtain high-grade feldspar fine powder.

Production instance

The Hebei 400t/d feldspar mine is a mining full industry chain service project (EPC+M+O) undertaken by xingaonai Mining Equipment. Through analysis, it was determined that the main minerals of the feldspar mine are potassium feldspar and albite, followed by quartz, and also contain a small amount of biotite, muscovite, and locally magnetite and tourmaline. Based on the mineral processing test analysis, a two-stage closed-circuit crushing and screening-one stage closed-circuit grinding and classification-magnetic separation, desliming, reverse flotation-mechanical dehydration process flow was designed. In the end, the project’s feldspar concentrate production rate was 73.31%, and it can provide the society with 87,972 tons of feldspar concentrate every year. At the same time, after the implementation of this project, it has solved the local employment problem to a certain extent, can share part of the employment pressure with the society, and achieved good social and economic benefits.

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