PF Series Impact Crusher

PF Series Impact Crusher

PF Series Impact Crusher
Feeding Size
≤800mm Feeding Size
Processing Capacity
30-800t/h Processing Capacity


The PF counterattack crusher is a new generation of counterattack crushing machines carefully developed and designed in order to meet customers' low investment costs and energy saving and low consumption needs based on many years of mining and crusher manufacturing experience, it is often used with the jaw crusher it is suitable for the medium and finer of various medium -hard materials that are not higher than 350MPa, it is the preferred model of the second crushing equipment of the sand and gravel production line and the mining production line.

Applicable materials:Impact crusher, also known as impact hammer crusher, is suitable for fine crushing of limestone, dolomite, quartz stone and other materials.

Scope of application:Impact crusher widely used in the secondary crushing process of materials in mining, building materials, sand and gravel plants, metallurgy and other fields.

Internal Structure:It is mainly composed of tie rods, counterattack boards, side lining plates, rear counterattack racks, plate hammer, rotor and other components.


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High chromium castings are used as the material of the hammer, and a locking device is used at the junction of the hammer and the rotor to avoid the risk of the hammer breaking and falling off during high-strength work. The hammer can be turned over after it is worn out.

2、Environmentally friendly

The PF series adopts a specially designed heavy-duty rotor structure with extremely high rotational inertia and hammer impact crushing force. It is equipped with a low-power motor, and the equipment consumes low power, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


The fuselage adopts finite element computer-aided design, high-strength hot-rolled alloy steel plate, and the weight of the equipment is reduced, while ensuring the long-term stability of the machine during high-strength work.

4、Cut costs

in aggregate production and solid waste treatment, PF series impact crusher changes three-stage crushing to two-stage crushing, which greatly reduces the investment of equipment.


The gap between the impact plate and the hammer can be adjusted quickly, which is convenient to control the discharging grain shape and the product grain shape is round and the stone powder content is low.

6、Reduce failures

Equipped with a hydraulic lifting device, which can quickly replace the vulnerable parts such as the hammer, which greatly reduces the downtime and maintenance time of the production line.

The counterattack crusher uses the impact to crush the material. During the working process, the motor drives the rotor at high speed, which in turn drives the plate hammer, and the high -speed impact of the material sent into the crushing cavity will be broken,and let the broken materials along the cutting line of the cut -off of the crushing cavity are broken again at a high speed,next, the material rebounds from the counterattack board to the plate hammer, and the above process is repeated,the material is constantly cracking, loose and broken,when the grain size of the material is smaller than the gap between the counterattack board and the plate hammer, it is removed from the mouth of the discharge.

PF Series Impact Crusher WORKING PRINCIPLE



Feeding inlet



Feed size




Motor power




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