PEV Series European Jaw Crusher

PEV Series European Jaw Crusher

PEV Series European Jaw Crusher
Feeding Size
≤2000mm Feeding Size
Processing Capacity
55-1590t/h Processing Capacity


The PEV series European version of jaw crusher is developed and developed by Xin gao nai Group through the movement parameters, equipment structure, and adjustment methods of traditional jaw crusher,there are many advantages such as reliable and other advantages,fixed and mobile production lines are applicable,it can meet more complicated working conditions,it is a commonly used rough equipment for various types of hard ore in the mine crushing production line.

Applicable materials:Jaw crusher suitable for coarse crushing of various hard ores such as granite, river pebbles, basalt, iron ore, etc., whose compressive strength is not higher than 320MPa.

Scope of application:Jaw crusher widely used in the coarse crushing of materials in mines, quarries, construction, metallurgy and other industries.

Internal Structure:It is mainly composed of components such as racks, fixing jaw plate, movable jaw plate, biased shaft, fixed jaw plate, motion jaw plate, host base, side guard plate, elbow plate, bearing, belt wheel, locking device and other components.


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1、Sturdy structure

The hot -rolled alloy steel plate processing rack has outstanding anti -fatigue performance, and the racks are non -welded and disassembled,high -strength bolts are riveted,it is solid and reliable,it effectively enhances the durability and stability of the machine.

2、Large crushing ratio

Optimize the meshing angle and motion parameters, coupled with the design of the large dumped elbow plate, effectively increase the range of motion movement, make the lower part of the cavity larger, the broken force is stronger, and the operation efficiency is higher.

3、Reasonable design

Symmetric "V" shaped cavity, high -yield and efficient; electric motor, belt wheels, and motor seats are integrated into one,the back -hanging motor installation method,the overall motor bracket is suspended in the back of the crusher,the triangle is longer.

4、Stable operation and easy installation

Big bearing design+overall cast steel bearing seat structure, the bearing radial load is small and runs smoothly; innovative composite rubber shock absorption blocks, shock absorption boards and overall bottom beams are integrated to effectively reduce the impact of the crusher on the basis, stable and reliable.

5、Selection of raw materials

High manganese steel casting E -board, precision processing and installation surface, wear resistance and impact; high -quality alloy rolling side board, precise laser cutting, perfect combination with the front and rear beams through high -strength bolts, without fear of harsh crushing environment.

6、Uniform particle shape

The hydraulic wedge -type discharge port adjustment mechanism, stepless adjustment of the discharge port size, simple, efficient operation, and controlling the particle size and more uniform.

Broken pressure on the squeezing pressure, the motor drivers the belt and belt wheel, so that the motion jaw is swinging up and down, when the jaw rises, the angle between the elbow plate and the motion jaw becomes larger, the motion panel is promoted to the fixed jaw plate, and the material is crushed or split; when the motion jaw moves downwards, the angle between the elbow plate and the jaw becomes smaller, and the motion panel leaves the static jaw plate under the action of the tie rod and spring, the materials that had been crushed or split before were discharged from the lower part of the jaw plate.

PEV Series European Jaw Crusher WORKING PRINCIPLE

Feed port



Feed port



Feed port







Host weight


(Without motor)

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