Sand Making Rod Mill

Sand Making Rod Mill

Sand Making Rod Mill
Feeding Size
≤30mm Feeding Size
Processing Capacity
80-500t/h Processing Capacity


Sand making rod mill is widely used in the sand and gravel industry. It is mainly suitable for fine and medium crushing of hard and brittle materials. It is especially suitable for adjusting the fineness and mesh number in the artificial sand making process. It can save energy by 50% compared with traditional sand making machines. It is an advanced energy-saving and high-efficiency sand making equipment.

Applicable materials:Sand making rod mill is a high-tech energy-saving gravel sand making machine, suitable for crushing sand making operations of limestone, feldspar, quartz stone and other raw materials.

Scope of application:Sand making rod mills are widely used in sand and gravel yards, mineral processing plants and other fields to grind various ores or rocks.

Internal Structure:It is mainly composed of cylindrical, lining, spindle, grinding medium, input and exit device, and transmission S ystem.


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1、High yield and energy saving

The rod mill has a large processing ability, which can complete a large amount of sand making operations in a short period of time to meet the demand for high -production capacity. It is more energy -saving than traditional equipment, saving more than 40% of power, and effectively reduced production costs.

2、Wide range of applications

The rod mill has good effects on the crushing effect of various hard rocks, and can accept the larger feed particle size, reduce the pressure in the early breaks, and meet the needs of large -scale production.

3、Granularity adjustment

Suitable for various fineness modulus of medium, coarse, fine, and ultrafine sand,built-in fineness control device, the discharge can be equipped with a screening device to ensure that neither over-grinding nor unqualified products are mixed into the finished product.

4、Uniform particle shape

According to the different needs of users, the grinding body can be replaced to meet the needs of ore grinding with different hardness, and the output particle size is uniform and the output is higher.

The motor is transmitted by the motor through the reducer and the surrounding large gear deceleration or the low -speed synchronous motor is directly accepted through the surrounding large gear deceleration, the driver's cylinder rotation, the tube body is equipped with a proper abrasive medium-steel rod, the abrasive medium is raised to a certain height under the action of centrifugal force and friction, the state of throwing or leaking is falling, the grinding material is continuously entered inside the cylinder from the ore mouth, crushed by the mobilized grinding medium, and discharge the product from the overflow and continuous power of the ore. For the next process.




Feed size


Discharge size


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